Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Survival Skill for Physical Fitness

After a year of reading about gardening, and the preparation and defense of territory and self-defense, now that we moved into our house in the suburbs, plans are underway, and the new lifestyle is embraced. And so we accept the fact that "the physical fitness and health, the most important survival skills. So I decided that it was a good day to start building a healthy, fit, body was, and I took my oldest son to the supermarket .

I walked and he rode his bicycle. It's not far, maybe half a mile. But I was very uhhh ... Lack of exercise for the last 7 years. Since I was pregnant with him. So I was not in tip top shape for this tour, but I think ... ya got to start somewhere.

A lesson learned, a trip today: Buy good shoes. I made the mistake of thinking I could do this walk in flip-flops. Well, when I was much fitter than me, who would not have been so bad, it's really not a long walk. I would say it is from 0.75 to 0.5 miles from your home. When I think back to my early 20s, I probably have "danced" from this distance in heels on Friday and Saturday nights in the clubs. Of course, I'm sure alcohol has contributed to a lack of knowledge of the pain, but I was much younger and in much better shape. Now that I'm in my late 30s, I think all solid media are now calling for good sneakers.

There is no doubt that fitness is a very necessary survival technique in the event of a disaster. Roads may be impassable, and you can have the shoes to a safe place. Begin your fitness seriously, if you can.

I also think that the bikes for the man and I would be a good investment. As much as anything I did as a "yuppie" could be hate, could these little trailers that pull the kids behind the bike, a good investment too. Although the children have their own bicycles, trailers would be excellent for small kart purchases home, or when we go to the beach or camping, transport equipment out of the car where we stand "in the camp."

I've been meaning to start the "practice" with the children, and the march today was the beginning of this mission. Tomorrow morning, we just started a few indoor activities such as aerobics, yoga, or dancing. It is time, good quality for the whole family that will keep us fit, and really help us to refine these survival techniques.
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