Wednesday, 7 March 2012

How to fight Against Anxiety

Anxiety is a general person experience. It is clear as a strapping sense of fright or fear of an strange cause. Everyone has their doubts at some point in their lives known. Anyone can feel anxious, especially when dealing with an unusual situation. When anxious, you want to escape the feeling and want to return to normalcy, but you have no control over them. You want the normal things again.

There are people who experience anxiety regularly. They feel unfamiliar with the situation in most cases, a normal person faced. Almost everything seems alien to them. This kind of fear is already mental capacity is impaired. It was accepted and studied what the panic attacks are often compared with regular exposure to stressors. Studies show that fear is a part of the human response to stress.

There are four levels of anxiety. People who have heart rate and anxiety experienced mild increases in blood pressure. These people are still alive and can be a problem to solve. People with elevated vital signs, tense muscles, and sweating, a condition where there is excessive sweating in the moderate level of anxiety. They are usually tense and anxious. Their attention is focused on a concern. The third level of anxiety is severe. They are deaf in one state of the reaction of fight or flight, dry mouth, and extremities. They are the ones who can barely move because of extreme fear. Her sensual perception is reduced. You can not focus on details and are unable to learn new information. The fourth and final level of anxiety is panic. Physical manifestation of panic is more severe than the third level. They are overwhelmed by fear. They tend to external assistance, to ignore entirely on internal stimuli, and are not able to learn.

Experience to people who are afraid often need proper attention and intervention. This problem should not be taken lightly. The treatment of these people requires a lot of patience. To reduce anxiety, attentive listening is required. If one person is required to view contact. Always maintain a calm and serene approach. If it is your turn to speak, speak in a slow and clear. Use a firm voice, not loud. Give a hand or a back massage helps the anxious person in control of his emotions. And if possible, to reduce noise and bright light to create a calm demeanor. Apart from these interventions, it is proposed to seek medical help. Can doctors prescribe anti-anxiety medication to reduce anxiety. What is really important here is that this condition should not be ignored. Proper care is to be given quickly.
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