Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Fast explanation for Dry Skin

I came across this solution for very dry skin by accident. A few days ago I was getting ready for work and was very late. Even if they do not pay attention to what I was doing, I take the hair moisturizer (thinking it was my body lotion) and before I knew it I was rubbing on my skin. Only when I take on a second part, I did notice that I was not using the lotion.

Well, this winter, my skin especially the hands and feet are usually very dry and my heels very ashy. No matter how many times I have my foot and heel cream, in a case about an hour, they were the same return as if I never had the lotion. It was very embarrassing for me. In my profession, it is almost impossible for me to hide, ashy heels, unless I wear a closed shoe, until I hardly do.

The day I accidentally used my lotion, I noticed that my hands and feet kept its moisture, my skin was not dry and my heel was not ashes for up to five hours. A bell rang in my head and I decided to try again tomorrow. The results were about the same. I repeated use of hair tonic daily for two weeks and I was amazed at the results. Even my colleagues commented on how smooth my skin looked ashen and heel was a thing of the past.

Okay, the hair moisturizer I've used Vitale Olive Oil Moisturizer I have been for the past two years my hair using. I decided that the lotion with ingredients that I had and found that most of the ingredients are identical to compare. Olive oil has been proven that diets rich in antioxidants and so I, if it's good for my hair to think there must be even more dry skin for mine. So if you suffer from dry skin, and you have tried everything and it does not work, try a little olive oil hair moisturizer. I think the brand can make a big difference. I am very sure that your skin will thank you that you have done. No more dry skin for me!
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