Monday, 23 January 2012

Winter Effect on Your Skin

We must know the chemistry, biology and physiology of the skin in order to help him understand by heavy seasonal changes. Autumn is a transitional period for our bodies, because they reproduce, what happens to try out. Several environmental conditions have an influence on both metabolism.By observing nature closely, I came to understand better what are the changes to the body. Light brown, deep red, orange and yellow: In a recent trip to the Lake District, I was surprised by the beauty of the landscape, especially the color. The journey has me positively delighted with a fantastic sense of deep appreciation for our planet.

What's the colors of autumn is interesting that mainly in the lower range of our irises. This is representative of a shift towards lower frequencies and relaxation of the light. This approach represents a shift toward introspection and contraction is characteristic of winter.This when the power to withdraw the nature of the outside, as the roots grow deeper into the ground, and everything is ready for the oncoming cold.

All these changes in nature have a profound effect on our bodies, especially our skin slows the fluids in our body, and the circulation of the blood is removed from our site in order to focus on our internal organs. As a result, our skin becomes pale and cool, with a reduced supply of oxygen. It will flake easily, due to the reduced content of fat layer on the skin acid mantle.

Due to the extreme conditions associated with autumn and winter, our skin dries out. Pollution and central heating can be used to improve the drought. We are concerned at work and at home: central heating creates a very dry air, which ultimately damage your respiratory system. Also dries the skin, through dehydration, and can accelerate the skin aging process.Also, the speed at which we lose water through the skin by the central heating, which accentuates the natural evaporation causes. The normal amount of water we lose through evaporation (700 ml per day) increased significantly with central heating.
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