Sunday, 24 December 2017

Vinegar or Lemon Juice which is best for Hair

Apple cider vinegar is my favorite and it was use by me   for last three years as I decide to change hair conditioner with it. Also few people liked lemon juice as an alternative of vinegar while I got many benefits of vinegar and never look at lemon.

Why pH is important?

A natural cover safe your Hair and skin which is a thin watery layer consist of oil, salt and water and it’s pH balance is 4.5 - 5.0. This natural cover protect your hair from fungi and bacteria, and make them healthy. your hair might become dry and weak if cuticles is stay open due to  weak hair care routine.

But if you are consumer of those products having balanced pH(4.5 - 5.0) you can be get healthy shiny hair.

Although what you think about vinegar lemon juice?

I am affirming with lemon juice and vinegar and those could be use as substitute both of them when I do a general research. Your hair will be more shiny and glossy if you use equally vinegar and lemon for long time.

Luster is restored by removing hair products if you used them. Your hair becomes more soft and silky after the vinegar and lemon juice acidity works. They decrease dandruff and improve hair health. one time in a week you need to use lemon or vinegar it is Depend upon form of your hair. it facilitate our cuticle scales to recline as plane as they can allow things into our hair gleam.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

How to get fair skin Naturally at home

Prepare skin Fairness Oil yourself

Your mind needs some rest when a weekend comes after whole week annoying office work or long executive tour. It is necessary to give a full rest to your mind by you. For your convenience I advise you fairness oil massage which is homemade.

Steps for making Homemade Fairness Oil

For your skin health and fairness I will share a pure herbal method with you.

Coconut oil - 1/2 cup

Aloe vera leaf - 1/2

Small onion - 3 nos.

Amla powder - 2 tsp.

Shikakai powder - 2 tsp.

You should use a small cup of coconut oil for this recipe purchase fresh coconut oil. Means not the use before. After that obtain the of aloe Vera leaf. For making fairness oil at home this is a main part. Avoid from gel. Now cut the leaf from centre now find white plump from inner base of aloe leaf. Or slice the leaf into small parts including green outer part and avoid from removing them.

choose 3 red onions and take out the skin from them and slice them into small parts. Now you need Amla and shikakai powder. Pour coconut oil into a pot and warm it into medium flame. Putting amla and shikakai powder with cut pieces of aloe leaf into the warm coconut oil. if the oil going to boil add slices aloe leaf into it.

take away the pot from the flame when onions turn into black. Wait until it to cool. Then separate it and  transfer the oil into a proper bottle for further usage.

Use home-based fairness oil for body massage at your holiday.

First you need to choose a suitable room.dig up the your homemade fairness oil into a small bowl!.
Dip your hand into oil and start to rubbing on your body.

Get Start from your face to  body and legs.

it is just a gentle beauty massage not the whole body massage

use your homemade fairness oil one time in a week and become fresh.
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